Indigenous Creations


Yarra Valley Catering have combined the unique flavours of Australian native foods with local ingredients and classic cooking techniques to create our exciting new range of catering options.

Our native fruits, herbs and seeds are sourced from the extremes of the arid dessert, lush tropical rainforests, the Alpine country and hinterland.


Samples from our Bushtucker cocktail party, to a 3-course sitdown:

  • Kangaroo Fillets marinaded in a macadamia oil and lemon myrtle
  • Wildfire Lamb cutlets crusted in mountain pepperberries, native aniseed, wattle seed, native river mint, served with bush tomato chutney.
  • Orange and Wattle Muffin, with turkey and Davidson plum jam
  • Emu Egg and Warrigal green roulade with a bush tomato relish
  • Oysters Rainforest “in the shell,” topped with wild lime juice, fresh crushed mountain pepper and a hint of lemon myrtle.
  • Mini Lemon Myrtle Cheesecake with sweetened rainforest lime sauce
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